Fabric (Knitting to Finishing) & AOP

Fabric & AOP

Yunusco produces the best quality fabric from scratch.

We fabricate from the very beginning. From knitting them, to dyeing and also printing all over the surface, Yunusco makes fabric with unique patterns and captivating designs.

From the hands of more than 200 people dedicated every day knitting 50000 kilograms and dyeing about 10000 kilograms of fabric.


Our Knitting division is having circular weft knitting technology that can knit various kinds of weft knitted fabrics such as single jersey (plain, pique, lacoste, terry), double jersey (interlock, rib, waffle mesh).


Our Dyeing division is using the latest environmental friendly technology that is able to Dye all kinds of cellulosic fibers (cotton, viscose, modal, rayon, lyocel, etc.) and its blends like, CVC, PC, PV, CM.

AOP (All Over Print)

Our All Over Print (AOP) division is capable of doing up to ten color prints in pigment, discharge & semi-rubber qualities that are having softer hand feel and luster appearance. In near future we will be setting up reactive print as well.

Production line in Fabric & AOP

  • Cotton and its blends with spandex
  • Viscose and its blends with spandex
  • Cotton/Modal
  • Cotton/Viscos
  • CVC and its blends with Spandex
  • PC and its blends with Spandex
  • Model and its blends with Spandex

Capacity per day

  • 26 Ton Per Day Solid & Yarn Dyed
  • AOP: 15 Ton Per day (Both Rotary & Flatbed)

USP of our Products

  • Color Control Management system
  • Well-equipped Laboratory
  • Ensuring good quality products
  • Competitive market price
  • Sufficient production Capacity to serve the market
  • Technically Sound team
  • More effective customer service
  • Minimum lead time

Features & Advantages of our Products

  • Production makes of durable and lasting color
  • High label of color fastness
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Meets GOTs 4.0 Standard
  • Certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class I to meet the human-ecological requirements for baby articles.
  • Meets buyers restricted substance list.