A contribution to lessen the sorrow of Rana Plaza victims

On April 24th 2013 the Rana Plaza building in Savar near Dhaka Bangladesh collapsed. The disaster was not only the worst accident to hit the global garment industry, but it was also a deadly structural accident in Bangladesh history. It may have faded out of memory for many, but not for the families and friends of the 1,134 killed and about 2,000 more injured. Many of the survivors endured harrowing experience in attempt to escape the eight-story factory collapse. It is true that no amount can make up for the loss of a loved one or the resulting physical and emotional scars inflicted on those who survived such a tragedy. But what is also true is that the survivors and victims’ families should be compensated for the financial losses due to medical expenses they sustained as a direct result of the disaster. In the wake of the tragedy the Yunusco (BD) Ltd. Contributed a good amount to the Rana Plaza Prime Minister Relief Fund which was set up exclusively to cover payments to Rana Plaza victims and their families.

Making a difference for village children

For growth to be sustainable it should go beyond numbers. It should cater to the society, create a better world. That's the kind of growth that Yunusco (BD) Ltd. believes in, and constantly strives for. Our Chairman Mr. Hajee Yunus Ahmed has established a non-profit school on a 24 decimal piece of land in the country village Satkania, Dohajari, Chittagong. Currently there are 18 teachers with more than 520 boys and girls in the school. This kind of initiatives are very close to his heart as he is a firm believer that "Education is key to be self-reliant and the means to alleviate poverty, development of law abiding citizen, unity in our community and innovation"

Rehabilitation of physically challenged people in the general work environment

Each year we employ one individual who is physically disabled and place them in general working place with job responsibility that they can do according to their ability. We understand the undying human spirit that always wants to grow and go beyond obstacles; so we extend our open arms to a work force that is traditionally not utilized. We hope to continue more of these initiatives.